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  • Discounted rate with cover costing just £62.50 a year
  • Simplified admin with your AA cover invoiced together with your fuel
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What type of cover will I get?

Cover is vehicle-based and includes all of the following services:

Roadside Assistance

An essential part of our breakdown service, Roadside Assistance is simple, efficient and designed to get you back on the road fast. In the exceptional circumstance where an 'on-the-spot' repair is not possible, we will tow you back home or to the nearest suitable garage, whichever is closer.

Home Start

A service that brings assistance to your doorstep, Home Start is available when the vehicle won't start at or within 1/4 mile of your home address. If we can't get your car back on the road, it will be taken to the nearest suitable garage or to a destination of your choice, whichever is closer. Relay and Relay Plus options do not apply to Home Start.


If we are unable to arrange a prompt, local repair, Relay will ensure that you, your vehicle and up to seven passengers reach a single UK destination (if required, ferry charges remain the responsibility of the driver). Relay does not apply when the vehicle is within 1/4 miles of the driver's home address.

Relay Plus

An extension of Relay, Relay Plus offers driver and up to seven passengers a choice of options for onward travel. These include use of a hire car, public transport costs or overnight accommodation. Relay Plus does not apply when the vehicle is within 1/4 mile of the driver's home address.


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