Get Fleetone The ideal solution for those with a fleet of cars or vans that travel nationally
  • Fuel up at over 3,500 major branded sites
  • Access some of the most competitively priced sites
  • Easy VAT reclaim with clear concise billing and HMRC approved invoices
  • Choose between commercial or pump pricing when it suits you

The Network

With the Fleetone fuel card, you can access more than 3,500 sites nationwide, including leading brands such as JET, Texaco and Morrisons, and the highly competitive supermarket Tesco.

With unlimited access to our e-route site locator, your drivers are never far away from one of our stations. Locate sites via postcode or search your full route.

See the network.

Fuel Pricing

Fleetone is the only card in the UK that offers commercial and retail prices on one card. Use any site within the core UK fuels network and receive a competitive wholesale related price for diesel.

At all other sites you simply pay the price displayed at the pump with no surcharges.


Cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen.

The cards can be tailored specifically to drivers or vehicles with restrictions available on what can be purchased to reduce misuse. Plus, with our free Velocity online account management portal, fleet managers can quickly identify any unqualified or suspicious activity and take appropriate action at any time.


Keep on top of your fuel spend with weekly invoicing. All transactions are listed on a single invoice reducing administration and eliminating the need to keep receipts. Our invoices are HMRC approved, making your fuel VAT reclaim quick and easy.


Download or view reports from our free Velocity online account management portal in a choice of formats including summary reports, Excel and CSV files or usage graphs. You can run your own transaction reports for any combination of cards or card groups using your own date ranges or our popular pre-set options.

National coverage

3,500 fuel stations available across the UK

Find your local Fleetone station

or Locate Automatically

Benefits of a fuel card

These are a few of the benefits of our card

Cost control

Ensure you keep control of your business spend with regular invoices and real time usage reporting.

Knowing who purchases fuel and where and how it is purchased provides you with information to help control the costs of your business.


Help to identify issues with your fleet; high fuel consumption can often mean issues with a vehicle�s performance or driver behaviour.

You can then implement improvements and education.

Save money

Cut business costs by managing your business fuel consumption.

Our reports can tell you which of your vehicles is using the most fuel, which is purchasing fuel at the most expensive locations and which is purchasing fuel most frequently.

HMRC Compliance

Simplify paying fuel expenses for both your employees and administration team with HMRC approved invoices.


Allows you to accurately monitor, manage and report on fuel usage


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